About tax free

Can do it in a duty-free shop

You can purchase any item in shop free 8% consumption tax under certain conditions.

The person who is eligible for tax-free.
  • You are a visitor with a temporarily stay status.
  • Japanese citizen who live in foreign country for work.
  • The above person leave a Japan in 6 months.
  • You must present your passport. The shop will affix a purchase proof document to your passport which will be collected by Customs at the time of departure.
Tax-free items
  • Total spending of over 5,000 JPY excluding tax in one day in one shop.
  • Prohibit the handing over the free-tax items to other person before the departure.
  • When your purchase has exceeded 1,000,000 JPY, we need to take a copy of your passport.

More information, please ask the staff.

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How to apply tax-free on Internet Shopping at Alevel.jp

It is possible to make your purchase tax-free on Internet shopping at our Alevel web site.

  • When you would like to make your purchase tax-free, it needs to tell us in advance.
  • Tax-free purchases has to be received at our office in Fukuoka and we ask to make photo copy of your passport.
  • The payment is be able to accept by cash and credit card. We are sorry but some kind of credit card is not available, please ask us in advance.

Please feel free to ask any question from HEAR.
We can contact on the phone too.
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From west exit of Miyazaki St. go straight about 850m and make left.
On the right side of first signal, there is our shop. About 15 minutes to walk.

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